Tim Horton Events Centre

Smoke On The Water BBQ Competition

9:30am - 3pm

Tim Horton Events Centre

Unlike ribfests, this is the real deal and not a commercial retail opportunity The Smoke on the Water BBQ Championship facilitates a truly competitive environment to produce some of Ontario's best BBQ. Amateur teams from all over will meet to challenge others in cooking traditional Southern BBQ for valuable prizes.

The Smoke on the Water BBQ Championship is sanctioned by the Canadian Southern BBQ Association to help promote "Grilling Smoking and BBQ Across Canada"

Be part of thecompetition

If you are interested to compete in the cookoof, visit for more information.

Kids Zone & Games

10am - 6pm

Tim Horton Events Centre

Your kids will have a blast playing at the Bouncy's Party Zone which features massive, themed inflatable slides, obstacle courses and bounce houses kids love, interactive games, toddler activities and more.

For more information, visit the Safety and Height Requirements on the Event Safety Guide page.

3 ON 3 Volleyball Tournament


At the beach

Campfire Storytime

10:30am - noon

At the beach

Horseshoe Tournament


Tim Horton Events Centre

CIBC Kettlebell Challange

noon - 4pm

Tim Horton Events Centre

They will have 2 categories:

  • Ladies with 16 lb
  • Gentlemen with 32 lb
  • CIBC will have prices for First, Second and Third place in each category.

    Tim Hortons will have a tent and offer free coffee and Timbits.

    Kettlebell Sport, is a highly challenging power-endurance feat. Lifters' success involves technique, flexibility, strength, power, stability, and mental focus.

    Kettlebell Competition is done on a 10 minute time limit. Basically, each event is a 10 Minute AMRAP (where AMRAP = As Many Reps As Possible). Men use one 32 lb bell in each hand, women use only a single 16 lb bell with ONE hand switch allowed in 10 minutes. You do max reps of Clean and Jerk in the 10 minute time limit without putting the Kettlebell or Kettlebells down. If you can't finish the full 10 minutes, you terminate your set when you have to by putting the Kettlebells down.

    Water Tube Slides

    noon - 6pm

    At the beach

    Live Bands

    1:15pm - 2am

    Tim Horton Events Centre



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